South Road Project in Adelaide
South Road Project in Adelaide, Boost Commercial Construction Projects


South Road Project Adelaide

Worth a staggering $842 million. The South Road Superway Project is South Australia’s most complex engineering road construction project to date. The South Road Project Adelaide is a stage two of the north-south transport corridor upgrade delivering a 4.8 km non-stop corridor comprising of a 2.8 km elevated roadway connecting the Port River Expressway to Regency Road.

To support the 2.8km elevated roadway above the existing South Road in Wingfield and Regency Park, piles are used to carry the load of the structure deep into the ground. The pile caps formed the solid foundation on which the piers were then built.

Before piling began, the South Road Project Adelaide team tested three different pile types at three different locations along the Superway alignment. The ground strata comprised of soft sand layers around 8-10 m deep, with groundwater occurring between 2-4 m depth.


Value of CFA Piling Work – $30 Million


The CFA piling work included:

Installation of 740 piles, each with a diameter of 1050mm, supporting 68 piers

Each pile averaging to a depth of 27 m transferring load down to strong strata where the Hindmarsh clays become hard.

PDA Testing of each pile cap to ensure the pile could hold the required load they were designed to.

Imagine, if these piles drilled in the project were joined end-to-end, they would have reached 20 km.

CFA Piling on South Road Project Adelaide was involved high-risk task as the space available for the pilling crew to execute their task wasn’t enough and the crew was exposed to live traffic and rail corridor in a couple of work areas.

In this project, Naveesh was involved in Pre-project briefings, maintaining project documentation – quality, safety, finance, environment, progress, variations, coordination with project manager over equipment and material requirements, supervising workers and making sure works ran smoothly.


Project TypeCivil Foundation Work
Project RoleSite Engineer
EmployerAvopiling Foundation & Drilling Contractors
ClientUrban Superway Joint Venture
Completion DateMarch 2012
Contract Value$30 million
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