How to restore the foundational structure of your building with underpinning

How to restore the foundational structure of your building with underpinning

Can you think of anything more stressful than a building falling apart and needing to hire a house underpinning specialist to do House Underpinning Adelaide to prevent the building from falling apart? For whatever reason, the strength of the foundation is compromised and it’s become a serious safety concern (and with lots of dollar signs when you think of repairs).

The most important first step to take is to answer the why. Identifying the cause of the structural failure will serve as your compass in deciphering which way to go regarding repairs. From there, an action plan will be implemented, with the findings determining the soil type and profile, footing size and type, and available access.

You’ll probably have a lot of questions like ‘how did this happen?’ or ‘is it covered by insurance?’ Once the inspection has been done, an engineer will be able to answer them for you. For example, if the damage was caused by a cracked or ruptured water drainage system or stormwater drainage isn’t connected to flow on the street, then yes, you should lodge a claim.


House Underpinning Adelaide

Maximise the life of your house or building with underpinning design

If your building has structural issues that need stabilising, you’ll need to organize an underpinning design service. But before doing this, an engineer will inspect the damage, assess the cause, and recommend a solution.

An engineer’s insight will tell guide the underpinning contractors actions. This service is designed to strengthen the foundation of existing buildings and there are different ways of achieving this. An engineer will assess the structure and determine the best approach.


Here’s the usual sequence of steps in generating an underpinning design:

1.Assess the structure – crack sizes, settlement marks, distress marks, deterioration marks, etc
2.Inspect the foundation by digging a pit
3.Organise a soil classification report to determine the soil type at the affected building
4.Determine the cause of the cracking – tree routes, a water main or server rupture, disconnection of stormwater drains, deterioration of concrete or soil disruption from an extension
5.Calculate of the footing type and size required for holding the load of the structure
6.Analyse the current footing and its contract from what it should be in an ideal case.

How do you know when there’s a problem with your home’s structure? Look for cracks in the walls, shifting or sinking foundation or instability due to soil movement. At Solution for Construction, we have experience recommending solutions for House Underpinning Adelaide such as realigning sunken slabs, lifting concrete slabs and floors, reversing house cracks, restructuring the foundation, footings floors, and walls, stabilizing soil, repairing pavements, and filling voids. We offer an end-to-end underpinning design service to the residential, commercial, and industrial markets.

Worried about your building? Don’t risk your safety (or your savings). A distressed structure is something that needs to be fixed to maintain the building’s integrity. Book an underpinning design appointment with our engineers.


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