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Make a Construction Program to Track Progress

Make a Construction Program to Track Progress

The service of your Construction Program to Track Progress of business involving civil and home construction services in Adelaide all require a construction program tailored for the sequence of activities involved in any construction project. A construction program to track progress would act as a guide in helping your planned project activities progress in line with your schedule and target deadline. However, many people find it difficult to stick to a schedule for their construction projects due to the absence of a construction program.

Sticking to a schedule doesn’t have to be difficult for you if you have a construction program to track progress in place. Solution for Construction will assist you in executing your construction projects in Adelaide, such as residential construction projects, effectively, and sticking to a schedule with ease.

Here are some of the important questions that need to be answered when handling a construction project:

How can you ensure that your project is moving along as per your schedule?

Are the involved parties aware of all the important milestone dates of your projects?

Do the sequence of the construction activities and resources required align together?

Answers to these complicated questions and more is what Solution for Construction is all about!

The need for a construction program cannot be overemphasized. Making a construction program is essential in handling various construction projects, including commercial renovation in Adelaide.


Construction Program to Track Progress

A construction program helps in describing the sequence in which activities should be carried out, in order for a project to be completed in due time.


What does a Construction Program involve?

Feeding data using project management software to develop a construction program for upcoming projects.

Listing the upcoming activities of the project.

Listing the date and the duration allocated to these activities.

Identifying the sequence of the most critical tasks that the overall timeframe of the project is dependent upon.

Identifying the activities of the project that can be carried out only when other activities have been completed.

Identifying the activities that can be done simultaneously with other activities.

Identifying the link between the construction activities in a project.

Identifying possible delays that may occur without having an effect on the sequence of the most important tasks.

Identifying the need for resources such as materials, plants, and services, as well as the lead time.

Planning the procurement of material, based on the construction program developed.

Tracking the progress of the activities of your project as per the schedule during the course of the project.

Civil Construction Projects


Construction projects, from residential renovations in Adelaide to raft footing design in South Australia, require smart planning, constant tracking of progress, and getting essential information to the right people, quickly. With a defined schedule using a construction program, you are able to get the project done correctly and without delay.

Preparing a construction program is not a paper exercise that involves simply recording events that happened or are likely to happen during the course of your project. For a construction program to be valuable and effective, it must be used as a tool for planning activities, monitoring progress, and identifying the need of additional resources, if required.

Solution for Construction utilizes the right tools to ensure that your projects are easy to schedule, the activities involved are easy to track, and you deliver the job right on time!


Why is a Construction Program Important for your Project?

To ensure that your project is going as per schedule.

To help in organizing resources and planning procurement of materials.

To help your workers remember the important milestone dates of your project.

To avoid the implication and high cost of liquidated damage in the event of delayed delivery of the project.

To avoid the high probability of finishing a project later than the agreed date, WITHOUT such a program in place.

To avoid the likelihood of facing embarrassment upon delivery of your project past the agreed deadline.

Where is Construction Program required?

To schedule construction activities.

To release information on schedules.

To effectively manage a wide range of projects as well as what new projects to tender for.

To determine if your current project is right on schedule.

To ensure the smooth running of your business as well as the organization and proper allocation of resources based on requirements.

How to Create a Great Construction Program?

Understand your project.

Create a list of possible constraints that will have impact on the project.

List out the activities involved in the project.

Create a sequence for these activities.

Determine the duration of the project.

Determine the duration of each activity.

Know the expected date of completion for the project.

Create milestones.

Perform a critical path analysis.

Be accountable.

Don’t mess up your schedule and delay your project! Give us a call today at Solution for Construction, so we can ensure your business remains in style!


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