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Save money with a review of your Raft Footing Design.

Save money with a review of your Raft Footing Design.

The concrete foundation of a home is commonly known as ‘footings’. Raft Footing Design of Construction is a large slab of concrete reinforced with steel which covers the entire contact area of a housing structure, supporting a number of columns and walls. Compared to strip or trench footings traditionally used, this type of design lowers the contact pressure on the footings meaning it can reduce foundation and structure failures. 

So, how do you save money with a review of your raft footing design?

Whilst your builder’s engineer would have used the best possible design considerations for your home, in most circumstances you can save money on the footing design as they would have given an over-conservative design estimate.

Our highly experienced team will review your raft footing design to find ways to reduce the cost of the construction of your dream home without compromising its structural integrity. In some cases, this saving has been thousands of dollars.

Raft Footing Design of Construction

We are passionate about helping people build their dream home and saving them money. Arranging your consultation for a design review with our specialist Naveesh is as easy as completing the short form at the bottom of this post. We’ll get in touch to arrange a suitable time to meet you and discuss the plans for your dream home, review the footing design, and if a solution to reduce the costs can be found we’ll propose a plan to action the changes required.

As raft footing design is very specific to the type of soil at the site of the home and other critical factors, an estimate of savings cannot be provided until your footings design is properly reviewed.

We look forward to helping make your dream home a reality.


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