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Home Construction Services Adelaide
Home Construction Services Adelaide
Home Construction Services Adelaide
Home Construction Services Adelaide
Home Construction Services Adelaide

Design your dream lifestyle

Solution for Construction work with individuals and families design their dream home. For builders and tradespeople, our engineers serve as their right-hand, filling in knowledge gaps, so they can create beautiful properties.

If you’re at the start of your Home Construction Services Adelaide journey, you probably have a lot of questions. Where do I start? What will the cost be? What are the steps involved? How do I determine if a builder’s reliable?

And, then there are all the other questions related to your individual project. How long will council approval take? What are my building materials options that best suit the soil? How long until I’m in my new home?

We understand. This is the (collective) problem we aim to solve – to be that one umbrella to shelter you from the ‘storm’, taking care of everything. Our engineers take care of council applications (get them approved), raft footing design Adelaide reports, soil classification reports and the certification of work and materials (to comply with Australian standards).

We project manage every element of your new residential construction projects.


Home Construction Services Adelaide

This includes:


Design drawing and complete construction project management

Ongoing engineering consultation support

Selecting an architect and interior designer to prepare building floor plans

Use planning and design services for generating drawings required for council approval

Arrange various builder quotes. Check insurance & licensing.

Assistance recommending the right builder

Carry out a structural inspection during the construction phase

Check the builder is providing a defect liability at handover.


Invest time up front into getting your house right at the start, through engineering support. There are so many moving parts that fit into place to walk into your house and feel at home. Having a team in place to facilitate that feeling is essential.


Do it right!


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