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0405 950 053 08 7225 6514 Office Suite 4, Wellington Business Centre, 2 Portrush Rd, Payneham, SA 5070


Car Wash Project - Elizabeth Shopping Centre/Colonnades Shopping Centre

Solution for Construction has completed two car wash projects, each located in:
  1. The Elizabeth Shopping Centre

  2. The Colonnades Shopping Centre

These commercial projects were valued at $400,000 each (approximately) and involved structural design, drafting and project management support of the developments. The structures involved:

  • Steel frameworks and reinforced concrete pile footings
  • Creating highly durable and functional constructions
Structural engineering analysis work included:
  • Wind load and load combination analysis
  • Design of the steel framework
  • Footing and slab to bear the load actions
  • Thorough inspection of reinforcement in footing and slab prior to the concrete pour
  • Answering of RFI’s and modification of the design to make the construction as cost effective as possible

Careful work on these tasks ensured diligent and thorough practices were used in Solution for Construction’s work

The additional project management support work involved:
  • Liaising with the local council and private certifier
  • Answering RFI’s by involved trades
  • Procurement support
  • Construction management support when requested by the builder

The builder of the project:  Global Construction                                 Global Construction-Developers | Builders | Promoters

The private certifier:  Building Rules Consent Private Certifiers     Image result for building Rules Consent Private Certifiers

Resulting in a highly collaborative and efficient partnership

Project TypeCommerical Projects
ClientWash Masters Elizabeth / Zoom Car Wash for Noarlunga Car Wash
Involvement in ProjectStructural Design, Drafting, Project Management Support
Project Value$400,000 (Estimated Value) for Each Car Wash [Contact the builder for more precise pricing]
LocationElizabeth/Noarlunga, Adelaide