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0405 950 053 08 7225 6514 Office Suite 4, Wellington Business Centre, 2 Portrush Rd, Payneham, SA 5070

Projects in Yorke Peninsula – Working Away from Home

Projects in Yorke Peninsula – Working Away from Home

How we operate in Yorke Peninsula?

We’ve dedicated a regional office in Moonta to execute projects in Yorke Peninsula. Just as we do in Adelaide, we’ve built a trusted network of professionals to liaise with when it comes to building, designing and offering a turn-key service in Yorke Peninsula.

Moonta is a town located on the Yorke Peninsula of South Australia. Located about 170 km away from Adelaide, this small town is the lifestyle dream for many South Australians – with seaside towns and farming communities, we consider Yorke Peninsula to be a part of the Australian dream. It has a true community feel, so city lovers love to escape to this home away from home.

Moonta is a regional area where construction and development is starting to be an integral focus for growth. We are helping the residents of Moonta by providing various engineering services for houses, schools, and museums in that area. Some of these services include raft footing design and roof design. We’ve been loving the opportunity to have a hand in building up this spectacular area.

Major projects executed in Yorke Peninsula:


Lutheran School Maitland

Lutheran School Maitland has started to run into an issue with spacing in the school. Capacity was starting to run out, so to help give every student a chance at a comfortable, quality education experience, they decided to add in a transportable classroom. Solution for Construction was responsible for designing the footing of the transportable classroom for year 4 and 5 students. A stormwater management plan was also included for the additional building to ensure the safety of students and the community at large. Even though some buildings are not always in use, Solution for Construction will never sacrifice of full quality.

In addition, an in-depth inspection and analysis for the footing plan was carried out, while also considering the cost and safety.


Moonta Mine Museum

Moonta Mine Museum is a historical building in Moonta. It is of great importance to not only the community, but Australia’s history. As happens with historical buildings, they begin to deteriorate with age. Some areas of the Moonta Mine Museum had shown signs of roof damage, water leakage and a number of issues as a result of the water – including structural damage to various roof members which was affecting the façade and structural integrity of the building. To repair and restore the roof, a box gutter and valley encloses were designed. This prevents water damage and pest damage. It also has a minimal visual impact on the building, keeping it to its original image that locals have grown proud of.


Project Type: Commercial Projects

Client: Moonta Mine Museum and Luthern School Maitland

Involvement in Project:

Location: Yorke Peninsula