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0405 950 053 08 7225 6514 Office Suite 4, Wellington Business Centre, 2 Portrush Rd, Payneham, SA 5070


We were hired as Civil Engineering Consultants Adelaide

This involved main water pipeline replacement across Adelaide and throughout the state, to deliver safe and clean water to South Australian households and businesses. The SEM Group looks after 27,000 kilometers of pipeline through Adelaide and South Australia. With 638,000 meters being replaced in the past ten years, and 375,000 more to be replaced by 2020.

Solution for Construction was contracted to help manage all projects relative to this project with our director Naveesh being the project manager in charge. All planning, organizing resources, planning, procurement and much more is what SA Water (South Australian Water Corporation) entrusted Solution for Construction with.

Project Outline

There are many actions and monitoring to be done to ensure the construction and quality of a project stays on track. Nav was in charge of the following:

Construction and Quality

  • Liaising with the contract manager, coordinating and supervising pavement, kerb, and asphalt construction activities with the project manager and ensuring all work is carried out in accordance with specifications given and other relevant drawings and standards.
  • Prepare, recommend, supervise and administer specific subcontractors.
  • Identify, initiate and prepare submissions for variations and extensions of time claims.
  • Collect and collate construction records, including cost control, QA, production, environmental and safety performance data.
  • Preparation of construction programs and sub-programs.
  • Detailed engineering analysis of aspects of the works.
  • Quantity take-offs and estimates
  • Identify non-conforming work, raise NCR’s and propose disposition
  • Develop corrective and preventive actions
  • Co-ordinate inspection and testing, and observe and release hold points.

Work Health and Safety

  • Implement all applicable aspects of project health and safety plan.
  • Monitor construction activities for unsafe practices.
  • Report any unsafe practices, develop and implement corrective and preventative actions as required.
  • Ensure that all employees and subcontractors are given adequate induction training including an explanation of SEM Group’s site safety rules and ensure site personnel are aware of project emergency evacuation procedures.
  • Ensure that all adequate QSE risk management is developed and communicated to onsite personnel.
  • Review all construction method, design, and procedures.


  • Comply with the requirements of the project management plan and assist in the implementation of environmental controls.
  • Monitor construction activities for adverse environmental impact.
  • Ensure subcontractors are inducted in the project environmental requirements prior to commencement on site.
  • Reporting any environmental issues to the client.


All of these measures and more are taken into account when working on the water pipeline replacement project by Solution for Construction.

Project Type Water Main Replacement
Involvement in Project Project Manager
Principal ContractorSEM Group
ClientSA Water
LocationAdelaide Metropolitan
Contract Value Number of Small Remote Projects - Contract Value Varies from $100 k to $500 k from Project Site to Project Site