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0405 950 053 08 7225 6514 Office Suite 4, Wellington Business Centre, 2 Portrush Rd, Payneham, SA 5070



What: Sub-Division Project, involving the construction of 34 residential houses and civil works for the shared-access driveways (with trenches to service the residents)


Where: Brandis Road, Munno Para


Who: Solution For Construction provided project management support to builder, Global Construction up until the planning approval stage.

The following consultants also involved include Intrax Engineering, TMK Consulting Engineering, Tonkin Consulting and Estate Services

How: Our team was responsible for aligning all the consultants’ drawings and design reports, to comply with local council requirements.


Solution For Construction reviewed initial concerns, outlined by the council prior to engaging our team. We organised the consultants to rectify these concerns.


It was our responsibility to liaise with the Civil Works Designer, reviewing his drawings and voicing our concerns. His updates satisfied the council’s comments and our engineers.


Intrax Consulting Engineering stepped in to design various services including water, sewage and electricity. We supplied the necessary information and up to date drawings, so the project moved along smoothly.


Our engineers provided construction management support to the builder, when necessary. We reviewed the soil investigation report, supplied by TMK Consulting Engineers, which led to soil sample testing. While this held up the planning approval process, it was an important step.


Tonkin Consulting gave the soil the ‘tick of approval’, in the investigation report.


We coordinated with the Surveyors to complete the contour level, boundary marking and building envelopment, in accordance with the requirements of the Code – which was later accepted by the Council.


Throughout the project, our engineers communicated with the builder and all stakeholders. Complicated issues that arose, were quickly dissolved, conducting regular meetings. We supplied an online report template to all people involved in the project. This detailed updates highlighted areas that were holding up the approval planning process.


The project’s build value was $7 million.