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Worth a staggering $842 million. The South Road Superway Project is South Australia’s most complex engineering road construction project to date. The South Road Superway Project is a stage two of the north-south transport corridor upgrade delivering a 4.8 km non-stop corridor comprising of a 2.8 km elevated roadway connecting the Port River Expressway to Regency Road.

During this project, Naveesh was involved in the construction of Intelligent Traffic System (ITS) infrastructure. He was working solely on its foundation, including: Conduit and pit installation, light pole footing, traffic signal footings and footings for off alignment works. These works were to be completed before they were handed over to ITS sub-contractors. Naveesh was also overseeing the ITS sub-contractors along with his Project Engineer.

Key responsibilities (not outlined above) included, but were not limited to: OH&S, safety inspections, manage scheduling of current works, making sure the project forecast fit scheduling of work, financing and maintaining all work ran smoothly by taking care of any incidents that may have arose.


Project Type Civil Road Works
Project Role Site Engineer
Type of Work Intelligent Traffic System
Employer John Holland Group
Completion Date August 2013
Contract Value $20 Million
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