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A structural engineering inspection, explained.

A structural engineer is called on to ensure a building’s integrity. Ensuring it’s safe and able to hold the stresses from occupancy, workmanship, and environmental conditions. This inspection leads to a full report, which vouches for a building’s safety.

In case you’ve seen someone up in their roof cavity and it got you thinking if you can do it yourself, no. This work requires a structural engineer. And when it comes to safety, this is not something you cut corners with.

Structural reports are completed for both old and new homes. When it comes to renovations and extensions on Adelaide homes, building construction solutions are crucial.

The value of an engineer’s opinion

Structural engineers undertake at least four years of education before joining the industry. Taught to understand the strains and forces of a structure, we spend our days analysing all types of buildings. In a residential setting, we examine the structure including its the roof, walls, and verandah.

It’s not simply climbing into a roof space. Our structural reports are backed by knowledge and experience, as well as laws and regulations that govern construction.

You’re paying for the certainty

Structural inspections are typically visual and non-invasive. With years of experience behind us, this is enough to gain a thorough insight of the building’s condition. It’s also cost-effective for the homeowner, builder or local council. The most in-depth part of the inspection is usually the roof cavity. We climb into it to determine how loads are distributed.

A structural report answers all the questions about a building’s integrity… is this the right size and configuration? Does this meet the building code? Is it performing as it was designed to? Is it made of the right materials?

When to invest in a structural report

There are various reasons to hire a structural engineering team. For example, if your building is damaged or you suspect it to be (cracked foundations, a sagging roof, deterioration of building materials or previously had termites). It’s also important to complete a report if you’re planning to renovate or update the building. Councils might prompt the need for a report to confirm a structure was built safely and to code.

But it’s important to note, we’re not building inspectors. For a report that explores aspects like plumbing and fire safety, you need a building inspector’s territory. Engineers focus solely on the building’s ability to support loads – the foundation that affects everything else.

As building contractors, we’re definitely not fortune tellers for the state of your Adelaide home. Yes, we can tell you that the timber in the roof is showing signs of age, but we can’t predict how long they have left. Quantifying age and deterioration is difficult to do, hence, why reports cover general advice about wear and tear.

The Solution for Construction team are well-versed in Adelaide’s build styles. If you foresee your building needing a structural report and are planning a residential renovation for your Adelaide home, contact us today. Start the process by booking a free 20-minute consultation with Naveesh, a head structural engineer consultant in Adelaide.

Every building should have a structural report.

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