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0405 950 053 08 7225 6514 Office Suite 4, Wellington Business Centre, 2 Portrush Rd, Payneham, SA 5070


Start your DIY Adelaide House Renovation,


Australians love DIY home renovation TV shows. We love to see couples compete to transform an old, unloved property into something stunning. But in reality, home flips aren’t this easy. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes that they don’t show. Why? Because it’s typically the unsexy part.
We’re not saying it’s impossible. It is, and DIY Home Renovations are a fun journey to take together. What better feeling than turning your house into a home, with your own bare hands? You just need a professional team of structural, project management and architecture experts to stand by your side. This is where we come in.

There’s a wide range of benefits of having a DIY home renovation team. Project Management experts like us prevent you from losing money due to re-work and helps define the scope of works to command fair trade prices. We understand the OH&S risks, Australian renovation compliance standards, and the ins and outs of contracts.

By ensuring that your DIY Adelaide house renovation is completed correctly, you don’t have to worry about compromising warranties. Any roadblocks along the way? No worries. You have a qualified engineer advocating for you if there are issues with a builder, council or relevant authority.


We’ve seen a lot of simple house updates go pear-shaped. This is why we believe something as important as a DIY renovation project requires expert mentorship – to complete it on time, safely and within budget. We can help you with project plans for home renovations Adelaide as well as residential project management Adelaide.

Here are a few problems that hiring mentorship will prevent:

  • A blown-out budget
  • Delay in completion of the project
  • Breach of quality of construction
  • Breach of Australian standards and Norms of the Council
  • Buying cheap material and hiring inexperienced tradespeople.

Something as simple as getting your quotes in writing can change how the project unfolds. Yet, many people would go on the trust factor. It’s these seemingly small, unimportant components that we make sure you do. With the price of houses rising, it makes sense to put that extra money into updating your home. However, a successful renovation means doing your homework and getting the right people for the job. DIY house updates are a great way to improve your lifestyle and increase the value of your property.

You’ve got the cosmetic vision. We’ve got the knowledge to bring it to life, safely and correctly. Whether you’re thinking about home-flipping as a wealth creation opportunity or making updates to your own home, use our mentorship service to maximize the returns (monetary and lifestyle).

Grab a copy of our DIY Project Management of Renovation before you begin your home flip-flop. And to make sure you keep your investment secure we came up with a Home Inspection Checklist that you can perform yourself. It is also available for download here.

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