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0405 950 053 08 7225 6514 Office Suite 4, Wellington Business Centre, 2 Portrush Rd, Payneham, SA 5070

How software can solve construction project bottlenecks & support building construction solutions.

Consider how much data is involved in an individual construction project. Now, think about how many people are involved – the client, employees, contractors, tradies and partners, at a minimum. This is where software comes into play, helping ‘manage’ each project.


So, what software are we referring to that you can leverage to improve construction productivity for your Adelaide projects?


Online meetings


2020 has propelled us into the era of Zoom meetings. As you know, meetings can chew up time in an already small project window. For example, if an issue has come up between a team and sub-contractor, it’s necessary to meet to find a solution. For the sub-contractor, he or she will most likely have other jobs on-the-go, so the meeting might delay the project progressing.

Using tools like Zoom or Calendly, it’s possible to fast-track this, by agreeing on a 30-minute block of time. Also, you can record the call to avoid communication discrepancies.


Scheduling systems


Avoid project delays and budget creep with a comprehensive online scheduling system. Poor organizational structure, lack of communication and minimal risk management can lead to unnecessary time (and money) wastage.


Implement a Work Breakdown Structure with a project timeline that ‘lives’ in the cloud for the entire team to access and add notes. This offers a real-time snapshot of each project to avoid double handling, miscommunication and delays.




Cashflow is the lifeblood of business. Without a mature payments system, you’ll be chasing fees instead of focusing on what matters: the construction projects. Make sure you have comprehensive terms, conditions and payment policies so the client knows exactly what’s due and when – and consequences of not adhering to your terms.


Consolidate your processes


You might find there are several versions of a single document. Instead of sending iterations of the one document, can you transfer to a ‘live’ link, such as Google Docs? Invest in a safe and easy access to a cloud-based system, which your team is trained to use. It’s important to give them a bird’s-eye snapshot of each project and the responsibility to update their area to reduce bottlenecks for the future steps towards completion.


Are you struggling with recurring construction project issues? Book a free 20-minute consultation with Naveesh, our lead structural engineer and one of Adelaide’s top civil engineering consultants.


Let’s talk all things Adelaide construction management services. Don’t be afraid to look at, and lean into, industries for better ways of meeting your clients’ needs.

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