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The most common problems in projects to improve construction productivity in Adelaide.

There’s no such thing as a ‘perfect’ construction project. Errors aren’t just common – they’re expected. However, this doesn’t mean the project will get out of control. It’s simply about managing these issues, expectations and setbacks.


This is why the field of construction goes beyond an understanding of industry. Project planning and management skills are equally important. Let’s take a look at some of the common issues that plague construction projects.


A lack of communication


Communication skills are essential to ensure everyone is on the same page. In construction, miscommunication is costly. Poor communication from the start can impact the entire project. It can delay the timeframe, blow out the cost, and cause problems with clients.


It’s important to build a team that works well together, create opportunity for idea sharing, and feedback loops to identify areas of improvement. Focus your attention on updating communication efforts and the construction project, in its entirety, will improve (and be more enjoyable).


Schedule delays


Issues with schedules usually come down to poor planning. It’s important to map out a plan from start to finish, accounting for potential delays and worst-case-scenarios – so you have contingencies in place if things go wrong.


Revisit how you determine the timeframe of a project. Home extension services in Adelaide, for example, are you including weather delays, employee unavailability and payment lag? Scheduling and systems are key to streamlining construction projects.


Use a Work Breakdown Structure to dissect large projects into smaller, manageable stages. Identify the tasks, resources, stakeholders, length and scope of each stage. Analyse potential risks and yes, communicate it with the team.


Unorganised data


What’s historical data got to do with a current construction project? A lot, actually. Chances are, you’re going to have multiple projects on at the same time. Without a solid database, it’s easy to get lost in admin. Take the time to invest in a system that works for your team – a central depository with all necessary information to prevent delays.


Solutions to real-world problems


Practical knowledge is the foundation to a career that’s rich with problems and fast, intelligent solutions. Ongoing training and regular upskilling are critical given the evolving nature of our industry. Consider pairing graduates and new workers with more experienced, well-versed professionals. Lean into a mentorship-style approach to avoid any overwhelm, offer support and most importantly, minimise issues.


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