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How to maximise the aesthetics of a building, while maintaining project costs

Being a structural engineering firm in Adelaide, we see renovation budgets blow out, and fast. Clients get seduced by ‘shiny thing’ syndrome and want everything. This is how project budgets double or triple in size, without you really understanding how.

At Solution for Construction, we’ve developed different methods over the years to prevent this from happening (while ensuring the client is satisfied).

More features = bigger project budgets.

This is true, 95% of the time. The more aesthetics the architecture includes, the greater the cost of the project. If you’re considering updating your house, use render materials made from cement or acrylic render. Natural products, while aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly, are more expensive.

Let’s say, for example, you incorporate render materials to cover an exterior wall. This still creates various textures and colours, making the exterior attractive and eye-catching. Choose patterns that mirror the natural materials, such as sandstone.

As a residential civil engineer in Adelaide, there’s one render that we’ve seen a lot of lately. Acrylic is a new spin on the traditional cement render and can be applied to a wide range of surfaces including timber, concrete, and fibre cement. What’s more, it’s less likely to crack over time, with plastic in the mix.

If cost savings are more important than choosing natural products, acrylic is a worthwhile option. For residential construction projects and those commanding higher budgets for building aesthetics, we often recommend steel instead of a timber beam.

Maintaining the structural safety of the house is critical, when the load-bearing wall is removed. In situations where space is limited, a steel beam can support more load – reducing the number of timber beams required. This also creates an aesthetically appealing space, as there won’t be a mix of old and new beams.

Looking for an experienced engineering companies in Adelaide?

If you’ve got a project in mind for your house or you have a set budget you need to work within, we can advise on the best approach to get the look you want, while maintaining project costs.

Fill in your details to arrange a free 20-minute call with our head structural engineer, Naveesh. We’re a bespoke firm with a customer-centric focus and a philosophy of doing it right the first time. Working with a team of engineers alongside your building designer, you’ll get both the beauty and functionality, at your price.

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