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Here’s why virtual reality will be a game-changer for the construction market


It’s not always easy visualizing a new building or structure. Yes, there are design plans, but they’re sketches – a cumulation of lines on a page that represent your idea. In recent years, entrepreneurs have been developed in a way to use Virtual Reality in architecture, interior design, and construction.

VR is seeping into new industries every week. It’s no longer just technology for immersive video gamers. In our arena, it allows us to present a building design to a client in a virtual reality space during the final phase of a construction project.

This is what the new era of construction will look like.

When you put on the VR headset, you can experience the building internally and externally – similar to the feeling you experience when you first see the building. It’s more experiential, but more importantly, allows you to see the end result before the construction has begun.

Before you put on the VR headset, the building designers must import the 3D rendered model into the computer program. Think of the VR computer program like the TV – presenting the design via a VR headset.

The advantages of immersive VR

Well, coolness aside, the benefit of viewing a building design in VR minimizes the construction time. It assists the designer to create plans that are as close to your vision as possible. This reduces conflict because you know exactly what you’re going to get.

As for the headset, there are various functions to help you tailor your experience. While using the headset, you can decide on features such as finishes, furniture, and complete interior design schemes. View it in different weather, seasons, and in the day or night. Place people, in different outfits, of varying age groups in there, too. Then, add your notes to the building as you explore it.

VR removes unrealistic expectations and miscommunications between you, the designer, and builder. While historically, clients have no choice but to trust the construction company’s process. By importing VR technology into design practices from the beginning, it saves time, unnecessary headaches, and blown-out budgets.

Want to see your new project in VR first?

Have you got an idea for an add-on to your house? Are you a builder, curious about implementing VR in your procedure? Fill in your details in the contact form to book in a free demonstration. You become PART of the design process, with virtual reality.

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