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The danger of DIY home extension projects during a pandemic.

Four people have fallen from their roofs in one day, attempting to complete home maintenance, a recent 7 News report stated. This is just one example of a string of incidents that have occurred during the COVID-19 crisis.


While the world has been on lockdown, homeowners have taken it upon themselves to make revisions to their properties. The issue with DIY home projects is the lack of knowledge and safety precautions.


These trades are licensed for a reason. And it’s not just risky to get up on the roof. A follow-up report covered the dangers of bathroom renovations, and specifically, installing “dodgy” toilet hoses that don’t adhere to Government regulations.


This coincided with the toilet paper crisis, as the rise of a specific Bunnings hose claiming to bypass the need this essential household system altogether. But, as you can imagine, this non-certified DIY product is plagued with issues, as even Australian plumbers can’t legally install them. This is just one example of a major hazard that has emerged from the budding do-it-yourselfers.


DIY enthusiasts, partner with Adelaide Construction Management services experts.


Can you imagine building a new deck, only to discover there’s an issue with the foundation? Knocking down a wall to extend your living room, then realising there’s a ceiling weight bearing problem?


These are the types of concerns that homeowners don’t consider. And why would you? It’s not your area of expertise. That’s why it’s important to consult home extension services in Adelaide firms, like us. But there are steps you need to take, before you make structural changes and add-ons to your property. When it comes to the safety of your family, it’s not worth cutting corners… even if you’re bored in isolation.


Beyond the health and safety risks, there’s also the insurance debacle. If you there’s an illegal installation, you can’t claim it on insurance. Any damage that occurs due to a DIY update will not be covered.


This is why the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is encouraging homeowners to avoid any DIY jobs that involve the water supply. As Adelaide’s leading structural engineers, we’ll take this one step further and urge you to consult a professional before you make any changes to the integrity of your home.


The Solution For Construction team can provide mentorship throughout the process. Even if you want to do it all alone, go into the project knowing you’re adhering to structural engineering tick of approval.


Learn more about our home extension services in Adelaide and the process we use to help you save money (and keep you safe).


Got questions now? Book a free 20-minute consultation to pick our engineering brain.


Do it right the first time, even if you’re DIY.

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